About Us

BenBen Information Technology Limited

BenBen Information Technology Limited, found in 2013, is a company devoted to developing world-class educational games.

Slogan:E3, Extending the Edge of Edutainment

Edutainment is any content that is designed to educate as well as to entertain. Before the dawn of civilization, infant predators have evolved the abilities of learning by playing. As they grow up, they hold the top position of the food chain. Some of these predators, AKA, our ancestors, developed formalized education systems, which later grants us superior technological powers and makes human the dominator of the planet earth. What is education? Wild playing, formalized as religion ceremony, or in-between.
With the emerge of mobile ecosystems, i.e., various online software market, it is far more easy for a kid to get a game than ever before. Therefore, there is a great chance that kids will spend much more time on video games than their parents. It is undoubtedly that kids may learning something when they play entertainment oriented games. However, the outcome is uncertain. Furthermore, is the outcome worth the time?
We are engineering new type of mobile educational game, trying to find the balance between entertainment and education. Our games will be as fun as commercial entertainment games, at the same time, the game will help kids to make measurable academic progress.